It is imperative to have a clear and unimpeded view when driving which is why it’s important to maintain and replace your wipers regularly.

As windscreen wipers are continually exposed to heat, frost, dirt, insects and other airborne objects, the blades deteriorate over time and lose their effectiveness.

As a high percentage of driving decisions are made based on what a driver can see, if visibility is impaired, the driving can become more dangerous if the wiper system is not operating correctly.

Replacement windscreen wiper blades can be purchased from your local O’Brien® branch or simply ask one our experts to replace your wipers next time your glass is repaired or replaced.

Signs you need to replace your wipers

Stripes & Streaks

Cause: Pollution, dirt and insects tearing the wiper rubber.

Unwiped Section

Cause: Bent tension strip or deformed wiper blade due to long term resting in the parked position in high temperatures.

Cross Beam

Cause: Corrosion of wiper blade frame due to environmental influences and excessive play in frame through mechanical wear.

Rattle & Flutter

Cause: Environmental impact such as ozone and UV rays destroys the wiper rubber’s chemical structure, resulting in cracks and tears.

To obtain the best performance from your wipers, we recommend changing them every 12 months. This can shorten dramatically if vehicles see consistent use in adverse conditions.

How to replace your wiper blades

  1. Remove the worn wiper blade from the wiper arm and remove the replacement wiper blade from the packaging.
  2. Check, and if required, attach the correct adapter to the wiper blade (for multi adapter wiper ranges).
  3. Attach the wiper blade to the wiper arm, ensuring the adapter is securely connected.
  4. Gently lower the wiper arm and blade assembly back onto the windscreen.

Did you know we sell Bosch wiper blades at your local branch? Visit us in store and find out how you can fit your own wipers.   

Choose the right wiper blades for your vehicle

Bosch Eco Wiper Blades

Bosch Eco wiper blades combine high quality and low cost for an economical alternative to refills.

Aero Twin Flat Wiper Blades

Aerotwin is always dependable even at high speeds: Effectiveness is guaranteed by the aerodynamic design – whatever the weather conditions.

O’Brien® can help you find the right wipers for your vehicle. Register your interest below and we’ll be in touch to discuss wiper options and how you can purchase or add wiper replacement to an O’Brien® booking.

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