The O’Brien Pit Stop Challenge

October 9, 2016O'Brien

After months of challenging Red Bull Racing Australia and Team Vortex, it was time for a change and Jamie Whincup (JW), Shane Van Gisbergen (SVG) and Craig Lowndes (CL) decided it was time to set O’Brien® up with a challenge.

When the drivers visited our Seven Hills branch in New South Wales, they felt it was time we took a step into their world and had set us up with The Pit Stop Challenge. They had organised the delivery of SVG’s Supercar, alongside some Rattle Guns and spare tyres and it was full guns blazing, literally.

There were a few head to head rounds, technician vs. technician until our grand final competitors decided to take on SVG and CL in a final challenge. You’ll be surprised to see who took out the win!